Sara Chang Yan – Sem pressa de chegar


Sara Chang Yan – Sem pressa de chegar

with texts by Sara Antónia Matos, Pedro Faro and João Queiroz
published by © Municipal Galleries/EGEAC 2019
graphic design Ana Luísa Bouza
photography Bruno Lopes
language: Portuguese/English
print run: 150
Guide – Artes Gráficas, Lda
26 x 17 x 0,5 cm
65 pages

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This publication results from the homonymous exhibition, presented to the public between may 10 and august 25th, 2019, at the Boavista Gallery. With texts by the artist João Queiroz and curators Sara Antónia Matos and Pedro Faro. Edition with an exceptional character, considering that each copy contains a different intervention from the artist.

“Thus each of Sara Chang Yan’s works is formed from that which resides, between the visible and the invisible, the material and the immaterial, the tangible and the infinite. Each drawing produces evidence and creates moments of awareness, not so much of the shape of representation of objects, but rather of the qualities, internal properties, movements and vibrations which precede form. Perhaps her interest lies in seeking to materialise that which precedes thought?”
–Sara Antónia Matos e Pedro Faro

“More than feeling that dimensions have been added to the drawing, we feel that we no longer clearly know what a dimension is. The total treatment of space is made coherent with this ambiguity. The ambiguity between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality for which we do not really have a name is not only a continent, it is also a great hyperplane. We are led to think and feel an object that crosses through space as a slit or an incision on the surface, as an object in space.”
–João Queiroz

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