Salomé Lamas – Parafiction. Selected works.


Salomé Lamas – Parafiction. Selected works.

Pub. by Mousse Publishing
224 pages
Softcover, 13 x 21 cm
ISBN 9788867492428

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Among Portugal’s most interesting young filmmakers, Salomé Lamas (b. 1987, Lisbon) explores the boundaries and circumstances of documentary filmmaking, working at the intersection of ethnography, history, storytelling, memory, and fiction. Her short films and video installations—powerful portraits, in a sense—investigate the traumatically repressed, the seemingly un-representable, and the historically invisible, from the horrors of colonial violence to the landscapes of global capital. This book covers Lamas’s selected works from 2010 to 2016, and includes contributions by Michael Bobick, Deirdre Boyle, Filipe Felizardo, Irene Flunser Pimentel, Peter Galison, Javier H. Estrada, James Lattimer, Joana Pimenta, João Ribas, Lawrence Weschler, and Ana Jotta, as well as interviews conducted by Nuno Lisboa, Jorge Mourinha, and Mónica Savirón.

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