Patrícia Almeida – Today, I Am Just A Butterfly


Patrícia Almeida – Today, I Am Just A Butterfly
Concept & editing: Patrícia Almeida
in collaboration with David-Alexandre Guéniot
Design: Marco Balesteros
assisted by Pedro Sousa
84 pp. 17x24cm
First edition of 300 copies
May 2020
ISBN: 978-989-54422-2-5
Co-edition with Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães.

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On April 15, 2015, Josephine Witt, a freelance political activist, interrupted the European Central Bank (ECB) press conference, throwing a shower of confetti and papers at its President, Mario Draghi. From the moment she leaves her seat until she is taken away by the security guards, 23 seconds pass. However, the photographs taken by the journalists present in the room will circulate over the next 24 hours on social networks, televisions and the press around the world.
This publication is an experimental visual essay by Patrícia Almeida based on the photographic images found on the internet of this event.
* The title “Today, I am just a butterfly sending you a sentence” is a quote from Josephine Witt’s manifesto against ECB.
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