Lana Almeida – Zomia


Lana Almeida – Zomia

Pub. by Lata Edições
Images: Lana Almeida
Editorial Support: Verónica Fieiras
Graphic Design: Ana Teresa Ascensão
32 pages. 22,5cmx27cm. Soft Cover.
Black Offset Printing.
First Edition: 100 copies.
March 2020

ISBN 978 989 33 0030 5

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Zomia is a vast mountainous area in Southeast Asia; in his book The Art of Not Being Governed – An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia (2009), James C. Scott believed in many ways it constituted a territory of resistance to the dominant political and economic model, suggesting the existence of a contemporary utopian practice, although Scott does not use the term “utopia” to describe it.

Starting from the need to recover the concept of utopia, which the reading of this work of James C. Scott triggered and inspired in its title, the author presents a view of a contemporary utopia, set out according to the thinking of Franco “Bifo” Berardi, as a reflection on the image and its possibilities for expressing ideas of the present, power and invisibility.


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